Own Production

VULM in cooperation with its subsidiaries and contract partners produces a wide range of drugs, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics.

Production and quality control is situated in own modern premises complying with European criteria of Good Manufacturing Practice (EU GMP). Operational plants and testing laboratories are declared by the GMP Certificate or respective certificates in compliance with current national legislation and EU legislation in the field of production of drugs, medical devices and food supplements.

All production processes run in inspected clean premises, using the most modern pharmaceutical production equipment complying with strict qualification and validation requirements. Products of the company VULM are produced and inspected in compliance with standard production and testing procedures and methods.

Production deals with active pharmaceutical substances (medicaments) and auxiliary substances delivered by renown pharmaceutical producers and distributors. All initial substances and input raw materials are subject to input control under approved product and material specifications.

In the course of the production selected qualitative indicators are monitored within continuous production and interoperable inspection. The quality management system provides for safe, efficient, and high-quality final products.

Production of non-sterile drugs, medical devices, and food supplements includes the entire range of drug forms:

Non-sterile liquid drug forms:

  • solutions and drops
  • emulsions, suspensions

Semi-solid (topical) drug forms:

  • hydrophilic and hydrophobic ointments and creams
  • hydrophilic and hydrophobic gels
  • pastes (concentrated dispersed suspensions)

Solid drug forms:

  • granulates, pellets (with fluid coating)
  • tablets (coated)
  • hard gelatine capsules (containing dusts, granulates, and pellets)
  • soft gelatine capsules (solution, suspension, emulsion ones)